What is the Attachments Warehouse?

The Attachments Warehouse is a secure regulatory database which electronically receives, stores and shares licensing documents, uploaded by producers or authorized submitters, for review by appropriate state insurance departments.

The Attachments Warehouse supports two types of state required documents:

  • Background Questions Supporting Documents (BQSD)
  • Reporting of Actions (ROA)

Which NIPR Application should I use?

Use Background Questions Supporting Documents (BQSD) if you have answered "yes" to any of the background questions
on a pending uniform application/renewal and need to attach supporting documentation.

Things you can do with BQSD:

  • View previously entered document file(s) for any application type/background question.
  • Associate a document file to a different application type/background question.
  • Add a new document file to an application type/background question.
Use Reporting of Actions (ROA) if you need to report a final administrative, criminal or civil action to the state(s) in which an
active license is held.

Things you can do with ROA:

  • Create a new reporting of action with files already in the warehouse.
  • Add a new Reporting of Action and upload new document file(s).
  • Add a new document file to a previously entered reporting of action.
  • Associate a file already in the Attachments Warehouse to a reporting of action.