Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Paying Through an Automated Clearing House (ACH)
When am I required to furnish NIPR's ACH to my bank?

You may need to provide pre-authorization to your bank prior to paying for an NIPR product or service via electronic check. If you are unsure if your account requires pre-authorization, please contact your bank.

What is the NIPR ACH Number?

To pre-authorize the electronic transfer of funds from your account, your bank will require an Automated Clearing House (ACH) number from NIPR.  This number should be communicated to your authorizing bank.  The NIPR ACH number is: 9431763793. Use 'NIPR' for the company name.

Do I need to have NIPR complete our ACH form?

No, since NIPR utilizes a third party vender to process the electronic check payments, only the ACH number and company name are required.

Is the ABA number required for electronic checks?

No. The American Banking Association(ABA) number is only needed when companies are conducting transfers directly.

Do all banks and credit unions accept electronic payments?

No. Smaller banks and some credit unions may not be setup to process electronic checks. Contact your bank if you are not sure they will accept electronic checks.

Is there a customer service number to call if I have other questions about electronic checks?

If you have general questions, please contact NIPR Customer Service at: (855) 674-NIPR (6477)

Are there any fees for using electronic check payments for NIPR?

No.  There are no additional processing fees associated with electronic check payments.

What if my check ‘bounces’ or payment fails in some way?

A payment may fail after the transaction has been submitted to the state. This can happen for an incorrect routing number, closed account or other reason beyond the control of NIPR.  The transaction cannot be cancelled at this time.  NIPR will contact you for payment to NIPR for the completed transaction.

Are there any extra fees or penalties if my electronic check fails?

There will be a returned check charge for each electronic check that does not clear the bank. Additionally, NIPR will contact you regarding the failed payment.  If payment is not resolved in a reasonable amount of time, NIPR will also contact the State in which you are attempting to conduct business to inform them that payment has not been received.  Once the payment has been resolved, NIPR will again contact the state to inform them of the resolution.

Is there a limit to the length of the check number?

The check number may vary in length but the field may be up to 9-digits long.

What if I don't have a check number?

The check number is not sent in the ACH file, so customers can enter any number that has not been used in the system. The check number field is used to make sure that duplicate check numbers are not entered. Note: Banks use ?0001? to denote a check without a number.

What is the "denied" page?

The denied screen is an indication that the information you have entered is not valid.  Please check your entry and try again.